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Senior partner

Key practice

Corporate law



Executive summary


Sergei Konnov is the firm’s senior partner and advises across a wide range of legal disciplines.

Sergei couples a rare academic mind with a rich curiosity about the community around him. He is deeply involved in the Ukrainian and international legal communities, and since 2007 he serves as President of the Ukrainian Bar Association. In addition, he is a member of the International Bar Association (IBA) and of the American Bar Association (ABA). Sergei was awarded the diploma of the Higher Qualification Commission of Advocacy of Ukraine, granted an honorary award “The Badge of Honour of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine”, member of the National Commission on Strengthening of Democracy and Consolidation of Rule of Law under the authority of the President of Ukraine and was elected a member of the Public Board of the State Judicial Administration of Ukraine and Secretary of the Ukrainian Group of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI).

In 2008 Sergei Konnov was named The Lawyer of the Year in accordance to "Yuridicheskaya Practika".

Sergei brings a rich humanity and professionalism to his work, and can be an invaluable support during negotiations, strategic planning or the management of legal exigencies. His sense of calm and incisive thinking offers constant reassurance in even the most demanding of legal situations.

He advises clients on important issues of corporate law, M&A, foreign investments. Sergei emphasizes legal and organisational support for commercial projects in Ukraine and abroad.

Prior employment

Institute of State and Law (1991)

Prior governmental services

Minsky District Court in Kiev, clerk (1985-1986)

Professional membership


Ukrainian Bar Association (2002). Sergei Konnov has been the President of UBA since 2007

Ukrainian Advocates' Association

International Bar Association (1997)

American Bar Association (1999)

Member of the Board of the State Court Administration of Ukraine (2010)

Social activities


The founding editor of the Ukrainian Journal of Business Law (1993-1994)

The editor of the New Legislation Review (1994-1996 and 2001-present)

The founding editor of Yuridicheskaya Practika ("The Practice of Law"), the leading Ukrainian periodical for legal profession (1995)

A member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the Ukrainian Journal of Business Law (2003-present)

Chairman of Kiev Department of Ukrainian Advocates' Association (2007 - 2009)



Kiev National University Law School (1991)

Institute for Information Law, University of Amsterdam, the Summer Course on International Copyright Law (2002)


Ukraine (1991)


English, Russian, Ukrainian

Areas of law



Competition law
Corporate law
Real estate, construction and land law
Securities and financial institutions

Market segments


Energy and power
Food industry
Investments/equity market
Light industry
Real estate
Tobacco and spirits

Recent articles and speeches


Speaker at conference “Law business in Russia”
Moscow, May 15, 2008

Yushchenko's push for a Holodomor denial law
Comment for Business Ukraine magazine
October 29 - November 04, 2007