Alexandra Odinets spoke at Intellectual Property Forum


June 2, 2016 with the support of the State Intellectual Property Service of Ukraine (SIPS) hosted the annual Forum on Intellectual Property (IPF-2016), organized by the publication of "Legal Practice". This event is a significant and long-expected in the community of lawyers, patent attorneys, intellectual property experts and representatives of business.

"Konnov and Sozanovsky" Attorneys at law presented at the forum by the lawyer,patent attorney Alexandra Odinets, who made a presentation on the topic of "Bad faith of the applicant when applying for a trademark for goods and
services: some practical aspects." In her report, Alexandra focused on the problematic issues of applying for trademarks for goods and services in violation of the rights of others.
Ms. Alexandra addressed issues such as: - the main approaches to the definition of the concept of bad faith of the applicant in different jurisdictions, - the legal consequences of unfair conduct of the applicant during the application process, - types and classification of inequitable conduct on the part of the applicant during the application process, - the responsibility for such actions. The speaker also pointed out the need of legislative definition of bad faith of the applicant as grounds of nullity of the certificate on trademark for the goods and services and the strengthening of the responsibility of persons in the event of recognition by the court the fact of unfair application and, accordingly, a certificate in violation of the rights of others.

"Forum on Intellectual Property this is so-called platform for discussion of "sore" practical issues and substantive discussions. Annually forum brings together both business representatives and government officials, experts, software developers, and gives the opportunity not only to meet and discuss with colleagues expired ³ssues of innovation, market trends, the existing problems in the sphere of intellectual property, but also offer their own versions of solving them. I want to express my personal gratitude to the organizers of this event for the opportunity to discuss topical issues of development of intellectual property", - said Ms. Alexandra.