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Pure securities are rare 01.10.2002 by Galina Zagorodnyuk
Ukrainian Law Firms 2002/2003 - October, 2002 »»
See you in the Ukrainian court! 01.10.2002 by Sergei Konnov
Compass, the Official Newsletter of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine - October, 2002 »»
Questions remain over use of IP objects on the Internet 05.08.2002 A new law provides that the use of a domain name which is similar to a trademark will be considered to be use of that trademark. However, the law's failure to specify exactly what qualifies as «similar» could spell trouble for existing registrants whose domain names resemble the trademarks of third parties.
www.internationallawoffice.com - August 5, 2002 »»
State intellectual property inspector to police CD market 01.07.2002 A new regulation has created the post of state intellectual property inspector, a position which is specifically aimed at policing the compact disc market. The inspector has been given broad powers to prevent the circulation of illegal copies and supervise market participants.
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First steps taken towards regulating copyright on the Internet 27.05.2002 The Higher Commercial Court of Ukraine has confirmed that the definition of «reproduction» set out in Ukrainian copyright law also covers posting on a website. The term «reproduction» refers to the production of one or more copies of a work in any material form, as well as its duplication for temporary or permanent storing in electronic form.
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Telecoms in Ukraine 01.04.2002 by Helen Dregulyas
Telecoms 2002/Law Business Research - April, 2002 »»
Amendments to the procedure for general shareholders meetings 25.03.2002 New amendments provide that general shareholders meetings must now be held in the territory of Ukraine, and as a rule at the location of the joint stock company. The new rules are aimed at protecting minority shareholders who cannot afford to travel abroad to attend these meetings.
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Parliament takes steps to curb CD piracy 25.03.2002 In the wake of numerous disputes over guaranties of copyright protection, the Ukrainian Parliament has adopted the Law on State Regulation of Entrepreneurial Activities Relating to the Production, Export and Import of CDs for Laser Playback Systems. The law was adopted under considerable pressure from the US administration, which has its own interests in ensuring copyright regulation in Ukraine. The main task of the law is to restrict the opportunities for the unlawful use of modern technologies.
www.internationallawoffice.com - March 25, 2002 »»
Neighbouring rights conventions are ratified 25.02.2002 On September 20, 2001 the Ukrainian Parliament (the Verkhovna Rada) ratified two conventions on neighbouring rights protection. Although these conventions are not as influential as the Berne Convention, and although some of their provisions are already in force due to the Parliament's prior ratification of the Convention for the Protection of Producers of Phonograms against Unauthorized Duplication of their Phonograms, their endorsement is nonetheless another step forward for Ukraine's IP regime.
www.internationallawoffice.com - February 25, 2002 »»
New procedure for registration of copyright and licence agreements 11.02.2002 Following its recent adoption of the revised Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Act, the government of Ukraine is now implementing the law's provisions in detail.
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IP aspects of domain names 14.01.2002 With the dawn of the 21st century, Ukraine has had to face the problem of intellectual property regulation on the internet. In spite of widespread internet use throughout the country, the regulation process has only just begun.
www.internationallawoffice.com - January 14, 2002 »»
New regulations on company names introduced 17.12.2001 On October 24 2001 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted the Resolution to Amend Regulations on State Registration of Subjects of Entrepreneurial Activity. The Resolution prohibits the registration of subjects of entrepreneurial activity (ie, companies and private businesspersons) whose names include the names of state and local governmental bodies, whether in full or abbreviated.
www.internationallawoffice.com - December 17, 2001 »»
New legislation steps up copyright protection 03.12.2001 On July 11, 2001 the Ukrainian Parliament adopted the revised Law on Copyright and Neighbouring Rights. Although the structure of the law has remained the same, the revised version is more carefully crafted than its predecessor.
www.internationallawoffice.com - December 3, 2001 »»
Ukrainian Entertainment Law 01.10.2001 by Sergei Konnov
Entertainment Law. The Comparative Law Yearbook of International Business/Kluwer Law International - October, 2001 »»
Merger control in Ukraine 01.10.2001 by Kirill Baibarza
Merger Control 2002. The International Regulation of Mergers and Joint Ventures/Law Business Research - October, 2001 »»
Economic courts established in sweeping judicial reform 18.09.2001 The Acts of the Ukraine on Amending the Act of Ukraine on the Arbitration Court and on Amending the Arbitration Procedure Code of Ukraine were adopted by the Parliament on June 21 2001. The enactment of these laws is a substantial element of sweeping judicial reforms which have taken place over a 10-year period.
www.internationallawoffice.com - September 18, 2001 »»
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