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Protection of intellectual property rights in the field of information technologies (IT) has an enormous importance for Ukraine. Though in the past Ukraine was considered to be one of the most serious violators of copyright and related rights, with the adoption of new legislative acts in this sphere the situation has significantly improved.

The volume of foreign investment in the field of IT has been increasing year after year. In 2008 the Ukrainian IT-market continued its growth and, according to the preliminary data of the analytical company IDC Ukraine, amounted to approximately 3.7 billion USD, which is 5% more than in 2007. The experts expect that the growth in this field will be maintained in the future, though the ratio between different segments within the IT market may change. For instance, it is expected that the segment of IT consulting services shall increase due to the importance of IT issues for the efficiency of businesses in many spheres.

Specialists of Konnov & Sozanovsky offer clients, working in the sphere of IT, a complex approach to the protection of their rights. We provide services connected with the setting-up of software companies in Ukraine and acquisition of already existing companies; tax planning of clients’ activity; protection of clients’ business from misconduct of their contractors; development of an internal company structure. We advise clients on various issues in the field of intellectual property rights related to IT and software. Those issues include different types of agreements on development, distribution and use of software products and components thereof, IT consulting etc., protection against infringement of copyright in software. We offer legal services in contractual background of relationship connected with the planning of functional and technical architecture, introduction and technical maintenance of «ERP» systems, databases development and information conversion.

The market of information technologies (IT) in Russia has been steadily and rapidly advancing for the past 10 years, annually increasing in its volume by more than 20%. This pace of development is among the highest worldwide, making Russia a most appealing place for foreign investments in the domestic IT-market. And the improving legislation on the protection of intellectual property (IP) rights in the sphere of information technologies only contributes thereto. In 2008 the volume of the Russian IT-industry grew by 10.5%. And experts predict that in 2009 the IT-market of Russia will keep on developing, even though the priority tasks of market participants may change from innovation to maintenance and optimization of ongoing projects.  Moreover, it is expected that the current economic conditions will positively affect the Russian IT-market as information technologies will be substantially optimized, the effectiveness of their use will increase and the role of IT-outsourcing will become more crucial.

Konnov & Sozanovsky’s lawyers offer their clients, working in the IT sphere, a comprehensive approach to their rights protection and apply most efficient legal remedies in this respect.

We render the following services:

  • establishment of new and purchase of the existing software companies;
  • tax planning of business activity;
  • protection of the client’s business from illegal actions of contractors;
  • development of the internal company structure;
  • consulting on issues of intellectual property rights;
  • registration of utility models and copyright, pertaining to computer programs.

We also offer legal services in contractual background of relations connected with the planning of functional and technical architecture, introduction and technical maintenance of «ERP» systems, databases development and information conversion.

Leading Lawyer Key Practice Office Position  
Derbal, Yevgeniya Tax law Kiev (Ukraine) Partner
Yaremchuk, Helen Corporate law Kiev (Ukraine) Partner
Konnov, Sergei Corporate law Kiev (Ukraine) Senior partner
Gluhovskaya, Tatiana Intellectual property law Kiev (Ukraine) Đartner
Sozanovsky, Sergei Copyright and media law, tax law, real estate Kiev (Ukraine) Senior partner
Mirsky, Victor Copyright and media law Kiev (Ukraine) Partner
Ivanov, Alexey Corporate law Kiev (Ukraine) Managing Partner
Pokotylo, Alexey Commercial Law and Contarcts Kiev (Ukraine) Partner