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The land market belongs to one of the major Ukrainian markets. During 2006-2007 the land market was characterized by a considerable demand and rapid growth of price of land. The international financial crisis has substantially influenced further development of land market in Ukraine. At the same time the investment attractiveness of land market in Ukraine remains considerable. In addition, tendencies and market priorities shift towards agricultural lands. Previously land plots of this category were acquired with intent to change their designation and to further use them for construction of non-residential and residential premises. Nowadays a considerable decrease in prices on real estate and growing demand for goods of agricultural production considerably increased the dynamics of investments in land plots of agricultural designation, especially on the part of agricultural companies. For the last 12 months companies of agricultural sector attracted about $ 1.14 billion of foreign and domestic investments from sales of shares of companies owning Ukrainian land lots.

At the same time access to the land market in Ukraine is difficult and is connected with considerable legal risks, organizational problems.

Nowadays a fundamental problem of the land market is the protracted and tangled process of acquisition of rights to land plots and their registration, absence of free sale of agricultural land plots, difficult and opaque procedures of redemption of land plots and change of their designation. Moreover, the ambiguous legislative changes make this market segment one of the most difficult in Ukraine.

Therefore, Konnov and Sozanovsky’s lawyers perceive the legal services related to acquisition and maintenance of land as one of its major practices.

Lawyers of Konnov and Sozanovsky are experienced in supporting deals with land plots, legal consulting, estimation of possible risks and negative consequences of transactions with land plots, changing the land plot designation. We represent national and foreign clients before public authorities, local governments and courts on the issues related to the rights on land plots.

The client base of Konnov and Sozanovsky includes major domestic and foreign companies, agro-industrial holdings, investment and construction companies.

The land market was formed in the Russian Federation in 90th of XX century. Further, the land market constantly extended and attracted big national and foreign investors. The market encountered both purchase and sale transactions with small summer cottage land plots and acquisitions of large land plots for the agricultural production or for investment or resale purposes.

World market trends have considerably influenced the land market development in the Russian Federation. However, taking into account the large number of objects put up for sale with enormous discounts, investments into land becomes more and more profitable even now. At the present time an acquisition of land assets appears lucrative in view of expected  increase of their value in the mid-term perspective.

Agricultural land plots also become attractive for investments in view of development of the commercial agriculture in the Russian Federation and the growing demand for agricultural products in the world market.

The lawyers of Konnov and Sozanovsky have profound experience in the legal support of the transactions with land plots, in estimation of possible risks and negative consequences of conclusion of contracts with land plots, legal support of changing of the land plot zoning and purpose use. We represent interests of national and foreign clients before public authorities and courts on the matters related to their exercise of rights in land plots.

The clients of Konnov and Sozanovsky are major national and foreign enterprises, agroindustrial holdings, investment and construction companies.

Leading Lawyer Key Practice Office Position  
Yaremchuk, Helen Corporate law Kiev (Ukraine) Partner
Konnov, Sergei Corporate law Kiev (Ukraine) Senior partner
Gluhovskaya, Tatiana Intellectual property law Kiev (Ukraine) Đartner
Ivanov, Alexey Corporate law Kiev (Ukraine) Managing Partner
Kochergina, Olena Commercial law, real estate, construction, land law Kiev (Ukraine) Partner
Pokotylo, Alexey Commercial Law and Contarcts Kiev (Ukraine) Partner