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Export-import operations as one of the most powerful sectors of Ukrainian economy constitute the substantial component of the Ukrainian gross national income. Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers and commercial agents daily conclude a great number of trade transactions concerning trading of goods and services in such spheres as heavy industry, high technologies, telecommunications, agriculture etc. The prevalent practice is foreign fundraising by foreign financial institutions and legal entities with the purpose of realization of different trading patterns by means of credit injection/granting of loans, development of distributive networks of the well-known brands etc.

Internal retail trade remains one of the most attractive sectors of Ukrainian economy. Today, the Ukrainian supply-distribution system is gradually regenerating. In terms of constant changes of legal environment one of the keys to success is an implementation of a well-structured and smoothly running system of wholesale trade. In view of the multiplicity of Ukrainian customers, and the growing purchasing capacity of Ukrainians over the recent few years, the manufacturers, distributors and retail-sellers are facing new challenges and must have a well-organized mechanism of delivery of the goods, operation of the network of suppliers and sales system. That is why, it is important to apply fast and efficient solutions to the customs clearance, intermodal transit, storage, marketing, sales, payment and pricing issues.  

Producers, service providers, trade agents, customers and foreign investors have to get through drawing up trade agreements, execution of documents concerning import-export of goods and services, participation in anti-dumping investigations etc.

Our business transactions team successfully applies the experience and knowledge of Ukrainian trade law, and international treaties, conventions and trade customs. Konnov & Sozanovsky's lawyers advise on all matters related to international sales contracts, beginning from drafting, relevant tax and customs issues, ending with dispute resolution including ADR, representation in the international and domestic litigation, arbitration, anti-dumping (anti-trust) investigations.

Konnov & Sozanovsky's lawyers advise on the following trade related issues: trade transactions in Ukraine (credit operations, authorizations for doing business); product liability; due diligence of sales, services, lease, loan, investments, agency, distribution etc. agreements; drafting of the agreements and negotiation of the terms and conditions thereof; foreign economic transactions, customs clearance, customs duties optimisation; formulation of schemes on taxation optimisation, distribution schemes; drafting of loan agreements to be entered into with foreign lenders, registration of loans with the National Bank of Ukraine; registration of enterprises with foreign investments, joint ventures; antidumping investigations; dispute resolution.

Foreign economic activity implementation is one of the most profitable and attractive types of activity in the Russian Federation.

The volume of export-import transactions is steadily growing. Thus, Russian entrepreneurs enlarge their business by way of entry into international markets, and foreign investors, to the extent of liberalization of the Russian legislature, are starting to mention increasing opportunities for their business advancement in Russia.

State regulation of foreign trade activity is establishes different instruments of state control. Specifically, custom tariff and non-tariff regulation of the foreign trade activity, including establishment of import and export duties, licensing in the trade sphere of separate goods, as well as developing of quotas on imports and exports, stands out. At the same time custom procedures remain very unwieldy and may take considerable amount of time, even in case of the slightest breaches of legislative requirements Therefore, frequently, it is essential to solve all the problems connected with the customs registration, storage, inventory management, marketing, sales process, payment and pricing formation, quickly and efficiently.

Producers, service providers, trade agents, customers and foreign investors in any case have to get through drawing up of the trade agreements, execution of documents, concerning import-export of goods and services, etc.

Konnov & Sozanovsky’s lawyers, specializing in the area of domestic and international trade, possess knowledge of the Russian trade law and of respective international treaties, conventions, and trade customs. Having experience in international trade agreements servicing, our lawyers render assistance in the process of respective contracts conclusion, advise on issues of taxation and customs legislation, dispute resolution and initiation of antidumping (competitive) investigations. Numerous services include: advising on issues of the trade transactions execution on the territory of Russia; advising on issues of product liability; carrying out of the legal expertise of sales, purchase, distribution, agency, commission contracts, futures, factoring, franchising agreements, external economic contracts; assistance in the conclusion of external commercial economic transactions and execution of the agreements on terms and conditions, profitable for the client, with the observance of his interests; advising on matters of  customs duties optimization, customs regulation, carrying out of the export-import transactions; development of schemes on taxation optimisation, distribution schemes; drafting of loan agreements to be entered into with the foreign lenders, support in registration of enterprises with foreign investment, trade missions of the foreign companies, accompaniment of the joint activities in carrying out of the trade transactions; representation of interests of the domestic importers and foreign exporters during anti-dumping investigations conduct; and representation of clients’ interests in court in case of disputes.


Leading Lawyer Key Practice Office Position  
Derbal, Yevgeniya Tax law Kiev (Ukraine) Partner
Yaremchuk, Helen Corporate law Kiev (Ukraine) Partner
Konnov, Sergei Corporate law Kiev (Ukraine) Senior partner
Gluhovskaya, Tatiana Intellectual property law Kiev (Ukraine) Đartner
Ivanov, Alexey Corporate law Kiev (Ukraine) Managing Partner
Kochergina, Olena Commercial law, real estate, construction, land law Kiev (Ukraine) Partner
Pokotylo, Alexey Commercial Law and Contarcts Kiev (Ukraine) Partner