Konnov & Sozanovsky — Full Scope of Legal Services

Konnov & Sozanovsky provides legal assistance in the protection of clients’ lawful interests and rights, whether in administrative, civil or commercial court proceedings.


Legal Assistance in Administrative Proceedings

  • Legal defense in administrative hearings
  • Lodging an appeal against administrative decisions

Pre-Trial Settlement of Disputes

  • Oral and written consultations on matters in dispute
  • Review of documents
  • Development and review of options for pre-trial settlement of disputes
  • Participation in pre-trial settlement negotiations
  • Preparation of amicable settlement agreements

Representing in Courts in Administrative, Civil, Commercial Cases

  • Collection and analysis of evidence, determination of prudent court tactics
  • Preparation and lodging of statement of claim or any other procedural document (declaration, complaint) with the court
  • Examination, analysis of statement of claim lodged against a client; preparation of written defense
  • Participation in proceedings in courts of first instance, appellate courts and courts of cassation, including examination of case papers, obtaining copies of documents attached to the case and also of court judgments, decisions, resolutions; participation in legal proceedings, filing of evidence, participation in examination and evaluation of evidence; lodging of claims and demurs, presentation of oral and written explanations and exercise of other procedural rights of a client
  • Advising on the possibility/necessity of amendments in a subject matter or grounds of a claim, increase/decrease in plaintiff ’s claims, refusal from action,
    adoption of an action, counter claiming, conclusion of amicable agreement in the course of proceedings and also procedural formulation of the abovementioned actions
  • Advising on matters regarding suspension and closure of judicial proceedings; abandonment of action
  • Appeal of a decision, resolution, ruling of a court in appellate/cassational procedure; preparation of counterargument to an appellate/cassational appeal of an adversary


Our Booklets:

Protection of the rights in European court of human rights (Ukr)


Key Contact

Alexey Pokotylo
Kiev: +380 (0)44 490-5400


Key contact in Moscow
Anna Filatova
+7 (926) 475-15-65




Related practices

  • Copyright and media law
  • Intellectual property law

Related market segments

  • Advertising/design
  • Agriculture
  • Banking
  • Construction
  • Energy and power
  • Food industry
  • Insurance
  • Investments/equity market
  • Light industry
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Privatisation
  • Publishing
  • Real estate
  • Software
  • Telecomunications
  • Tobacco and spirits
  • Trade/distribution
  • Veterinary



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